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24 May 2006 @ 06:09 pm
Oo... Shiny...  
For more personal other news, check out this post

Gah!! You know, I started writing this yesterday and somehow the window got closed and I never got back around to finishing this post up unitl... um... now?

!!Anime news!!

Well, I watched the first ep of Bleach and loved it.

I also watched the first three eps of an anime called Karen. It wasn't too bad, but it didn't draw me in like... uh...

Well, here's the thing. Technically, it's not an anime. It's a Sentai, or live-action adaptation of an anime/manga. But since it was an anime first, I decided to post my squeeings and fics here.

The series is called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It's the live action adaptation of a mix of the Anime and the manga for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (which basically means the same thing, but it's deffinately not the same). I love it to little bits and pieces and there are so many pretty people on that series, it's scary. It actually ran from the fall of 2003 until the spring of 2004. Then, there was a live musical (called Kirari Super Live), plus the Special Act, Tuxedo Kamen's little back story/mini-ep (some of it was true but Mamoru was mostly bull-shitting Usagi *snerk*), and a little 'what happened to Hina' mini-ep. Then, lastly, there was Act Zero- a pre-PGSM epi that showed the birth of Sailor V and it also showed the four 'Tennou guys being totally wacky (it's not fair- the guy who plays Jadeite has nice freakin' legs and looks better in a skirt than any girl I know *pouts profusely*). It was the very last thing that they did (Act Zero, I mean). I gotta tell you, though, the angst in that show is unbelieveable. It made the Angst Queen in me bask in pleasure. And the story was so involved and actually original from the anime and manga!

Of course, I also love the so obvious pairings in the show- there is, of course, Mamoru/Usagi (duh) and Ami/Nephrite (which, while I fought it at first, I find I greatly enjoy) and then Makoto/Motoki (what happened in the special act was really cute. *giggle* Motoki's so cute and I'm surprised he didn't get torn apart by the girls).

Not-so-obvious and one that a lot of people fight about is Rei/Minako. The absolutely funniest thing about it is that Rei came right out and said in Act 6 that she's "the type that doesn't like boys". (Actually, the actual conversation was that Usagi was talking abo Mako-chan liking a boy and Rei-chan said she doesn't like boys. 'Didn't I say I was that type?' *gigglesnerk*). She and Minako became really, really close over the course of the series and it hit Rei harder than any of the others when Minako died in Act 47. I would also like to point out that the two short swords/long daggers that Mars uses in Act 49 are from both her and Venus's tambouriens. Venus uses them in the special act. Okay, so that was probably REALLY confusing since 'wait a minute, Minako died in Act 47! How can she be alive at the end of Act 49 and in the Special Act?!'- well, my advice to this is to find and download and WATCH THE SERIES! *gigglesnerk*

Also, a little carry over from the anime is Makoto/Ami. It's not as prevelant or as there as any of the others, but it's obvious that they're close in Act 21 when Ami first starts getting hit with the after-effects of being exposed to a large amount of dark energy and collapses, leaving Makoto to take care of her. It's really sweet and it's really sad because Makoto is the first to find out that Ami has gone to the dark side (wow, cliche-moment, there).

Another one that I really like that was actually in the anime and not in the live-action was Zoisite/Kunzite. Okay, so in the Anime, Zoi's a total girly-boy and Kunz is wrapped around said girly-boy's little finger. But I think it would have been awesome to see in PGSM with the strong characters and actors. There were little hints of it, but you had to really be watching to catch it. (LOOK AT MY ICON, PEOPLE, AND TELL ME THEY DON'T LOOK GOOD TOGETHER!!! *cough*) Yeah, unfortunately, it wasn't as glaring as Rei/Minako, but it was there enough to satisfy me and make me write. (more on that last comment later in my fic updates)

Okay, now that I am done squeeing about PGSM (although, honestly, I can't seem to stop. It's like Smallville- it's my new show and I love it and I would gladly have its babies, if the nice creator-lady would let me ^.^;), I will move on to an anime to squee about that Jen (nehellania) told me about. It's called Bleach and I have gotten sucked into it like nobody's business. It's rather amusing, though-- the main character guy-person's name translated? Is STRAWBERRY! (Japanese, it's Ichigo- how I know it's Strawberry is that in Rozen Maiden [another really awesome Anime, btw], one of the Maiden's names is Hina Ichigo- meaning Little Strawberry. You see where I'm getting this now?). Unfortunately, I'm currently waiting on eps 5&6 to dl, so I haven't seen too much. But what I have seen is awesome. If you would like to learn more about Bleach, I suggest going to Bleach Portal.

!!End Anime Section of Post!!


I've been playing through a few games lately, namely Secret of Mana, and let me just say that leveling up magic and weapons is hella tedious and can get really, REALLY boring after a while. But it's necessary if you want the full effects of a spell or the full power-up of a weapon. Currently, I've gotten past getting Lumina and Shade and I'm on my way to the Moon Palace. Fun, no? But I'm gonna hold off and level up near Mandala since that's the most recent place I've been to that still has enemies (after you clear a Mana Palace/Element Palace/whatever, there are no longer any monsters there. Sucks ass, let me tell you) that I don't kill in one/two hits.

Another game that I'm playing through is Chain of Memories (KH 1 1/2). Yet again, leveling up is tedious but after talking to my best friend, I know I'll need the CP and HP when it comes time to fight Repliku down the road. Apparently, he's a bit of a PITA. But, understanding exactly how that is, I'm doing all of my leveling now (or most of it, anyway) so I won't have to panic and run around to do it later. Lucky for me, though, I've already got three Cloud cards *gigglesquee* Omnislash kicks ass, let me tell you.

!!End Games Section of Post!!

!!Fics (Anime/Game/Crossovers)!!

Okay, so. Fics. Right.

(Kingdom Hearts)The Dark Place (may be renamed later)- Sora and Riku are stuck in the 'anti-DI' for a lot longer than the game said. Along the way, they find themselves coming to terms with their feelings for each other and getting past the crisis they face being stuck all alone. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and I haven't honestly been working on it all that much. But I will get through it eventually ^.^

(Kingdom Hearts/Smallville) Reality Out of Whack (may be renamed later)- There's something wrong with reality: yesterday, Clark Kent could remember getting up early to do the chores around his over-quiet home (caused by his father's death and his mother's decision to take her dead husband's place as senator) before running to Metropolis to talk with Chloe; yesterday, Sora could remember traveling around, getting supplies for the big final battle against Xemnas. But today, both find themselves not only under the same roof, but sharing the same parents? The biggest problem is that Clark can also remember Chloe squeeing about the release of KHII and Sora can remember vaguely watching the finale to season three of Smallville before his journey began. I've gotten through the introduction into this new, screwed up reality and I've already brought in Chloe, mentioned Kairi, Clark, and Sora. I've also done a basic outline of the villaness and where I want to go, over-all, with this fic. Again, I haven't been working on it because I've been working on another, even crazier project.

(PGSM) Untitled (will probably be something along the lines of 'Unsaid Words')- Rei mourns the loss of a lover that was never hers. I haven't even started this one yet. But I plan to do so soon. It really tugged at my heart-strings when Rei broke down after Minako died, and it really came across just how much she loved Minako and how hard it was going to be to move past it.

(PGSM [Pre-show]) Silver Millenium Story (will obviously be renamed when I can think of a better title)- It's the story of the Shitennou [Four Heveanly Kings], and how exactly they came together and fell apart at the end of the Silver Millenium. Basically, it's a story of the group coming together, how they protected Endymion, and then how things fell apart when Beryl and Metallia destroyed the Moon Kingdom. I'll probably also go a little into what was going on in the Dark Kingdom during the series. It is also a Pre-Story set in the Awaken universe.

(PGSM/Smallville) Awaken (the main story)- Mamoru Chiba has been kidnapped and replaced by a nasty, nypmhomaniac double. Clark Kent has been kidnapped and basically dropped off the face of the earth. The only thing these two have in common is a mysterious link to the past and a missing chunk of memory that Clark is slowly regaining. This is the story that started the entire Awaken universe. It's about the reawakening of the Shitennou in Clark, Lex, and Chloe (plus Nephrite, but that's another story altogether that will be explained). Trust me, it makes sense once you read it! I predict that I'm about half-way through this story in particular, though it's probably more like 1/3. Luckilly, I know exactly where I'm going and what will eventually happen, I just need to get there ^.^

(PGSM/Smallville) The rest of the Awaken Universe (various titles; some titles pending)- The journey of the Tennou as they come to terms with the here and now, who they are, who they were, and who they will be. So far, I've planned out stories dealing with a good chunk of the end of season five of Smallville. Of course, various senshi will be popping in from time to time and I'll deal with the Special Act when I get that far. Also, I've planned a fic called 'Awaken: Journey' in which Clark and Minako must travel through varoius universes (making it a HUGE crossover) to get to the center of it all to fix a rip that is slowly widening. I'm really excited about this series like I haven't been in a long time =D Hopefully, I'll be able to pull it off successfully. ^.^

(PGSM) Various Other Fics (titles pending)- Exactly what it says: various other fics that I want to do in the PGSM universe. I want to do a few Mamoru/Usagi (scary for me since I don't usually write Het) snippets, some Rei/Minako stuff, a few Ami/Makoto snippets, and various other fics (some of them will even be GEN! Scary, scary!). I also wouldn't mind doing a few character study fics, maybe one for each of the characters, explaining their POVs at various points of the series.

(SM) Various Fics (titles pending)- Again, exactly what it says: various fics planned for SM. I want to do a Mamoru character study set in the second part of the R series. I also want to do a Zoi/Kunz piece because I am a total sap. Also want to do a Makoto/Ami piece. Not too many, here, but just a few that have been nagging at me.

(Rozen Maiden) Various fics (titles pending)- Will include character studies and some thoughts from the characters after Träumend ep 10 "Tomoe" (aka, the death of Hina Ichigo). I also want to finish my crossover collab with Heather (my older sister).

!!End Fic Updates!!

To summerize all this-- ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME! And watch out for tornadoes, man. You never know where or when they're gonna touch down and disrupt your life.
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nehellania on May 25th, 2006 04:51 am (UTC)

Seriously, it's a very, very awesome show. I was totally spoiled because FB downloaded them all and burned them to disc for me. Speaking of which, would your downloads be faster if I just uploaded a few at a time to ysi or something for you?

The fandom and the show are like crack. Everyone can be paired six ways from Sunday (though I'm fairly OTP about Ichigo and Rukia) and the plot just keeps getting more and more complex. Wait till the big arc starts! *dies*

Ichigo is just awesome. He's amazing and tempermental and moody and angry and awesome. I have so much love for him it's not even funny.

I also love everyone else. Obviously. But yes. Stick with it. It gets amazingly epic-y!

Frelling FB took Kingdom Hearts with him when he left. Which saddens me. I was about 2/5's of the way through it! *fumes*
I am GOD! *evil cackle*: Bleach IshidaIchiIshifics- by misty_darkgzan_shadowstar on June 2nd, 2006 10:18 pm (UTC)
I'm so behind on my comments, it's not funny XD

Actually, I've got them all now (except for eps 40, 63 pt2, and 70) and I've seen them all. And now I can't wait for the next one *does little dance* (I'm waiting for them to be converted to .rmvbs 'cause it takes up less space).

Yes!! The fandom has lots of crack. Lovely, wonderful crack that gets me looked at funny. And you're right about the pairing thing (although, honestly, my current OTP for that fandom is IshiIchi ^.^; *waves hand around*) And the big arc! Holy freaking hannah, was it big (spanned, like, time-wise in the anime a couple weeks when it spanned over approximately 40 eps [might have been more, but I'm too lazy to go find out]. Fun ^.^)

Oh noes!! Maybe you should track him down and teach him who's boss?