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27 April 2006 @ 08:02 pm
KH2 Master Drive Trick  
By popular demand (found this at gamefaqs.com)-

1. Go to "Land of the Dragons" and head for the Checkpoint area, and evict the annoying heartless you find there.

2. Step out to the Emperial Gate and re-enter Checkpoint. The baddies are gone, but the carts with the drive rewards are back.

3. Switch to your Master Drive Form, and smash the carts grabbing up all the drive rewards inside, After blowing the 3rd cart near the Mountin Pass exit, go into the mountian pass area and again return to Checkpoint for another round of Drive rewards.

4. Keep going back and forth between the Emperial Gate and Mountian Pass grabbing the drive rewards from the carts. When your drive form ends, just keep going collecting the drive rewards until you've got the drive levels to enter the Master Form again.

Easy, no?
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